Okt 09 20

If you’re used to SunOS or BSD, you’ll be at home with Mac OS X’s “ps -aux” to get a process list from a shell prompt.

If you’ve been using any other recent unix, though, your fingers will want to type ps -ef instead. Rather than hack an alias to wrap ps to make this happen, it turns out there’s an easy way to return to the ps promised lands.

By default on Mac OS X 10.5.7, the shell environment’s COMMAND_MODE is set to legacy. If you set it to unix2003, you’ll get your ps -ef. Just add

export COMMAND_MODE=unix2003
alias zcat=’gunzip -c‘

to your ~/.bashrc to make it be set automatically.

The alias of zcat to gunzip -c fixes a “feature” in unix2003 mode — it removes gzip support from zcat. If you’re used to using zcat for both compressed .Z files as well as gzipped .gz files, you want the alias line as a workaround.

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Okt 09 13

I’ve had some problems with audio in Windows 7 on a Virtual Machine with Sun VirtualBox.

It will work if you set Windows Directsound and ICH AC97 in VirtualBox and if you install Realtek sound driver for AC97 in Windows 7.

You can find the Realtek sound driver here.

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