Apr 10 22

The Windows remote desktop connection dialog box provides you with everything that you need to configure and connect to another computer running Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003, Windows 7 or Windows 2008. You can use the Save As button on the Connection Settings panel to save all your connection settings as an RDP file. Then, you can launch and connect to a remote computer simply by double-clicking the RDP file.

You can also script a remote desktop connection, as Windows remote desktop connection has an executable file that can accept command line parameters and be run from a batch file. The remote desktop connection executable file is MSTSC.EXE, and the following are some of the most common parameters:

  • /v:<computername>–specifies the name of the computer to connect to.
  • /f–starts the connection in a full screen.
  • /w:<width>–specifies the width of the remote desktop screen.
  • /h:<height>–specifies the height of the remote desktop screen.
  • /admin –specifies the connection to the administration account.

For example, to remotely connect to a computer named Kaltec in a 640 x 480 remote desktop screen, you would use the following command:

mstsc /v: winterminal /w:640 /h:480

You can type this command line in the Run dialog box, as well as use it in a batch file.

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Apr 10 20

Linux feels like it was written.
Solaris feels like it was designed.

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Apr 10 07

If You are running Debian stable, because you prefer the stable Debian tree (you should recommand it ;). It runs great, there is just one problem: the software is a ‚little‘ bit outdated compared to other distributions. That is where testing or backports come in.

Backports are recompiled packages from testing (mostly) and unstable (in a few cases only, e.g. security updates), so they will run without new libraries (wherever it is possible) on a stable Debian distribution. I recommend you to pick out single backports which fits your needs, and not to use all backports available here. Continue reading »

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