Nov 12 29

Some kind of Routers such as Asus RT-N16, ASUS RT-N56U, Arcor EasyBox A600, TL-WR841N and more are effected by Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Find out more in the following video or on Bogdan Calin blog.

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Nov 12 28

Since the 30th of October Samsung and Dell (only printers manufactured by Samsung) ships out their printers with an embedded root-account. They are contained with an hardcoded SNMP full read-write community string that remains active even when SNMP is disabled int the printer management utility.

The community string is „s!a@m#n$p%c„.

Here you can find out more about the backdoor and a demo exploit.

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Nov 12 25

LinuxLive USB Creator Version 2.8.18 released today. LinuxLive USB Creator  is a free and open-source software written with the AutoIT scripting languag for Windows. LiLi helps you to create easily an portable, bootable and virtualized USB stick which is running Linux.

Test it out ….


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Nov 12 23

In den vergangenen Wochen beschäftigte ich mich etwas mehr mit JAVA. Hierbei insbesondere mit der Implementierung einiger „Internetstandards“. So auch mit der Berechnung der Internetprüfsumme, welche im RFC 1071 definiert ist und hauptsächlich bei den Internetprotokollen IP, UDP und TCP zum Einsatz kommt. Continue reading »

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