Jul 13 21


Taha Yasseri (University of Oxford & Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Anselm Spoerri (Rutgers University), Mark Graham (University of Oxford) and János Kertész (Central European University & Budapest University of Technology and Economics) analysed and visualize the differences and similarities between the controversial topics related to “edit wars” identified in ten different language versions of Wikipedia.

Here you can read the complete study „The most controversial topics in Wikipedia: A multilingual and geographical analysis„.

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Jul 13 02

DD-WRT_logoToday I tried to upgrade my little WiFi-router (FON2100) to the actual DD-WRT version (v24 preSP2- Build 2128) but it crashed :'(

So I have to make a firmware-recovery. If you interested how it works you can read my short description. Continue reading »

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