Feb 14 25

Ebola_virus_emForscher der School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science (Liverpool) entwickelten in ihrem Labor einen Computerwurm mit dem Namen Chameleon, welcher sich selbstständig über WLAN verbreitet und Router bzw. Accesspoints als Wirtssysteme befällt.
In ihrem Labor simulierten die Wissenschaftler teile der WLAN-Netze der Städte London und Belfast und ließen Chameleon auf diese los, mit einem interessanten Ergebniss …

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Feb 14 25

ms-windows„Researchers at Bromium Labs are expected to announce today they have developed an exploit that bypasses all of the mitigations in Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). Principal security researcher Jared DeMott is delivered a presentation at the Security BSides conference explaining how the company’s researchers were able to bypass all of the memory protections offered within the free Windows toolkit. The work is significant given that Microsoft has been quick to urge customers to install and run EMET as a temporary mitigation against zero-day exploits targeting memory vulnerabilities in Windows or Internet Explorer. The exploit bypasses all of EMET’s mitigations, unlike previous bypasses that were able to beat only certain aspects of the tool. Researchers took a real-world IE exploit and tweaked it until they had a complete bypass of EMET’s ROP, heap spray, SEHOP, ASLR, and DEP mitigations.“

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Feb 14 20

128px-OwnCloud2-Logo.svgToday, new free under MIT licenses ownCloud mobile libraries for iOS and Android released.

They provide easy to use methods to read and write files, share files and many more useful operations. To make these libraries as useful as possible to as many developers as possible, they are released under the MIT license. Continue reading »

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