Apr 18 11

passwdResearchers from Cyber-Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University have created bridgeware that can stealthily exfiltrate data from air-gapped computers using power lines.
In their POC, a malicious code is running on a compromised computer system which has control over the power consumption by intentionally regulating the CPU utilization. In this case data is modulated, encoded, and transmitted on top of the current flow fluctuations, and then it is conducted and propagated through the power lines.
In their paper the researchers present two versions of that attack:

  • Line level power-hammering: In this attack, the attacker taps the in-home powerlines that are directly attached to the electrical outlet.
  • Phase level power-hammering: In this attack, the attacker taps the power lines at the phase level, in the main electrical service panel

Read the whole paper: PowerHammer: Exfiltrating Data from Air-Gapped Computers through Power Lines

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Okt 16 07

What life should be saved and whom can you forgot?
Who plays the game of MIT researchers not only learns about the abysses of morality, but also about the problems of the AI cars of tomorrow.

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Okt 16 06

datacompressionZstandard also called Zstd is a real-time compression algorithm, providing high compression ratios developed by Yann Collet.
Zstd’s reference language is C but there are a lot of other bindings:

  • Java by Luben Karavelov
  • Rust by Alexandre Bury
  • C# by SKB Kontur
  • Python by Gregory Szorc
  • Python by (simple) Sergey Dryabzhinsky
  • Node.js by streams albertdb
  • Node.js by buffers Zwb
  • PHP by Kamijo
  • Perl by Jiro Nishiguchi
  • Ruby by Jarred Holman
  • D by Masahiro Nakagawa
  • Ada by John Marino
  • Erlang by Yuki Ito
  • Go by Vianney Tran
  • OCaml by ygrek
  • Delphi by Razor12911

Finde out more:
Smaller and faster data compression with Zstandard

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Jan 16 09

gated-communitiesLecture recordings from the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32C3) release by the Chaos Computer Club Video Operation Center are now available and can be find at media.ccc.de


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Jul 15 10

I’ve seen an very interesting LEGO construction at Hannover IdeenExpo. A near full automated paper cube production machine.

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Apr 13 08

Song of the day:

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Feb 13 15

Ausgeliefert! Leiharbeiter bei Amazon | Reportage & Dokumentation | ARD

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Sep 12 25

Wie ich zu meinem Bedauern feststellen musst wird die JavaScript-Funktion getElementsByClassName()  wohl nicht vom IE unterstützt.

Nun gut, um diese nun aber trotzdem verwenden zu können,  habe ich sie mir kurzerhand selbst geschrieben:

function getElementsByClassName(node, classname)
 var a = [];
 var re = new RegExp('(^| )'+classname+'( |$)');
 var els = node.getElementsByTagName("*");
  for(var i=0,j=els.length; i<j; i++)
    return a;
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