Jul 15 28

Full disclosure at BlackHat 2015!

stagefrightStagefright’ it gets the title of ‘Mother of all Android Vulnerabilities’, as it impacts 95% of all Android devices out there and do not require any interaction with the victim.

The cause of the problem appears to be a memory error in the processing of MPEG4 and 3GPP video files.

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Feb 15 09

whatsspyEveryone knows it, WhatsApp sux and is broken in terms of privacy, but no one cares it. I’ve found an very interesting article and a Proof of Concept published by Maikel Zweerink who explains how you can track WhatsApp-Users activities like Online/Offline status, profile pictures, privacy settings and status messages in an very easy way.

Take a look on it and build your own WhatsAppSpyBot ;-)

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Mai 14 21

7548102540_8e8788b3cf_tSecurity researchers report on a Android smartphone Trojan named iBank. iBanking seems to be very cool malware with a lot of features. It can intercept SMS, divert calls, hidden activate the microphone of the phone, read the site and access its file system. The Trojans are organized into botnets that communicate via HTTP and text messages.

Find out more about iBanking @Symtantec blog

P.S. A BlackBerry version is comming soon ;-)

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