Jul 16 06

Floser Bacurio and Roland Dela Paz published an interesting article about Locky’s new anti-sandbox technique and how to crack it.

Find out more: Cracking Locky’s New Anti-Sandbox Technique

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Mai 15 13

I’ve found an very interesting talk with Matthew Cole where he explain how the Italian cops figured out – with the help of cellular phone metadata – how the CIA abduct Abu Omar in Milano.

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Aug 13 06

cachestructOn the European security conference OHM 2013 a security researcher has demonstrated an attack that would allow a hacker to access and modify the Flash Firmware on a hard drive and program it to protect his access.

Firmware is code stored on a special flash-able chip on the drive. The built in code tells the drive how to work, how to read and write data. It is flashable (it can be reprogrammed) so the manufacturer can release updates to the firmware. Most people never re-flash or update their hard drive firmware. Continue reading »

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Feb 13 15

frost_gnex_18Tilo Müller and Michael Spreitzenbarth from the Department of Computer Science at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg present FROST, a tool set that supports the forensic recovery of scrambled telephones.

You can find out more about their studies, technical report, nice pictures and the software on the project webpage.


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