Sep 16 10

Thomas Lendacky from the AMD introduces on the KVM Forum 2016 Secure Memory Encryption (SME) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) features from the new Zen microarchitecture.

Find out more:

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Jul 16 08

James Newman from Cabridge builds his own very huge „micro“-processor called The Megaprocessor.

This awesome 16bit processor is about 10m long and 2m tall has thousands of LEDs more than 40 thousands of transistors. It has 256 byte RAM and a clock rate of 20kHz!
You can find more information, videos and a couple of articles (The Register and the BBC News) about The Megaprocessor at the project page or at facebook.

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Jul 15 10

I’ve seen an very interesting LEGO construction at Hannover IdeenExpo. A near full automated paper cube production machine.

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Mai 15 14

Combo Breaker is a motorized, battery powered, 3D printed, Arduino-based combination lock cracking device.

Source code / 3D models:


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Feb 13 21

hdmi-loopAdam Laurie verdeutlichte in seinem Artikel HDCP is dead. Long live HDCP. A peek into the curious world of HDMI copy protection… , dass der HDCP-Kopierschutz schon lange gebrochen ist und wie er sich auch weitere Male mit sehr einfacher Hardware, etwas Geschick und ein paar Zeilen Code aushebeln lässt.


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