Jul 15 21

…a very interesting article published in wired magazine about wireless carjacking.

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Feb 14 25

Ebola_virus_emForscher der School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science (Liverpool) entwickelten in ihrem Labor einen Computerwurm mit dem Namen Chameleon, welcher sich selbstständig über WLAN verbreitet und Router bzw. Accesspoints als Wirtssysteme befällt.
In ihrem Labor simulierten die Wissenschaftler teile der WLAN-Netze der Städte London und Belfast und ließen Chameleon auf diese los, mit einem interessanten Ergebniss …

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Aug 13 05

sourcecodeThe security consultant company from Vienna SEC Consult reported about a vulnerability in WPS implementation of routers manufactured by Arcadyan/Astoria Networks and are rebranded for Vodafone Germany (EasyBox 802 and EasyBox 803).
The problem of their implementation is that the algorithm that generates the default WPS-PIN is entirely based on the MAC address (=BSSID) and serial number of the device. So an attacker within the range of this access point can capture the BSSID (eg. from 802.11 Beacon Frames) and calculate the default WPS PIN for it…
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Jul 13 02

DD-WRT_logoToday I tried to upgrade my little WiFi-router (FON2100) to the actual DD-WRT version (v24 preSP2- Build 2128) but it crashed :'(

So I have to make a firmware-recovery. If you interested how it works you can read my short description. Continue reading »

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